We have created an innovative product.
It helps with planning and monitoring the dynamics of the well-being of beloved ones without violating personal boundaries.
The health of your beloved ones is in your hands
Health Monitoring
Monitor health parameters, analyse care receivers activity.
Сreate a community
Be the carer of your beloved ones and the patient of your doctors.
Location monitoring
Watch your care receivers in real time and to be near those who need it in the shortest possible time
We will help you to be more confident for the health of your beloved ones.
We offer your family a complete set of tools for monitoring and responding to the problems of relatives.
Use any health devices
Our product can accumulate and process data from any smart devices.
Takecare.ai interface is responsive and inclusive, adjusting to your needs and settings.
Use a clear interface
Share with carers
You can share your collected data about your health with your doctor
IBM Watson Health™
We use artificial intelligence for data analysis and recommendations
Regular reports consist of all the details and information you need about your close people. You can use them for analysis and share them with doctors.
Get monthly reports
Secure cloud storage
Your personal data is protected by Amazon Web Services based on serverless technology and the latest encryption methods. We comply with: HIPAA/HITECH, CIS, GDPR
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Trial period - 2 weeks
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